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In these pages, the Controller WIDE LOGISTIC s.r.l., headquarters located in Montelupo Fiorentino (Via dell’Industria n. 13, FI) supplies information (under the European Regulation of personal data -GDPR- n. 679/2016) about Cookie policy on our website.

Privacy Policy

“Use of cookies”

Cookies are strings of text, which sites visited by the User sends to its terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored and then retransmitted to the same sites the next time he/she visits it. During the navigation on a website, Users can receive on its terminal cookies sent by different websites or servers (so called “third part”), on which may reside some elements (such as maps, sounds, images etc) present on the site that he/she is visiting.

There are two fundamental macro-categories with different characteristics: “technical cookies” and “profiling cookies”.
Technical cookies are generally necessary for the correct functioning of the website and allow the navigation; without them, it is not possible for example to visualize correctly the pages or to use some services. For instance, a technical cookie is fundamental to maintain the User connected during his/her visit to the website or to store language setting and so on.

Profiling cookies aim to create profiles related to the User and are used to send advertising messages in line with the preferences manifested by him/her during the web navigation. Due to the particular invasiveness of those devices, the legislation in force provides that the User is properly informed about their use and expresses his/her valid consent.
Cookies used on the WIDE LOGISTIC srl web domain collect data in aggregated form; it is not possible to identify the single user, information are anonymous, therefore there is no need to receive the consent for them to be used.

Technical cookies can be:

  • navigation or session cookies, which grant the normal navigation and fruition of the website (for instance, allow to purchase or access to reserved areas);
  • cookie analytics, integrated to technical cookies only when directly used by the operator of the website to collect information about the number of user and how they use the website, in aggregated form;


  • session and functioning cookies (technical cookies), to allow the users to navigate.
  • cookie analytics (integrated to technical cookies), to gather information, in aggregated and anonymous form, about the number of users, how they use the website in order to improve it and comprehend which part are more appreciated. For this aim, we use a third part cookie, Google Analytics. This device is not of our property, for further information you can see Google’s privacy statement to the following URL:

Cookies used in this website (including cookie analytics), do not allow the gathering of personal data related to the User and they are automatically erased with the closure of the navigation browser. Whether you prefer that Google Analytics do not uses collected data in any way you can use the anonymous browsing (Do Not Track option)

  • Come attivare Do not track su Chrome
    Per attivare Do not track su Chrome si dovrà premere sull’icona con tre puntini verticali in alto a destra e successivamente cliccare su Impostazioni. Si aprirà una nuova pagina e si dovrà cliccare su Mostra impostazioni avanzate. Nella sezione dedicata alla privacy si dovrà spuntare l’opzione “Invia una richiesta Non tenere traccia con il tuo traffico di navigazione”.
  • Come attivare Do not track su Firefox
    Mozilla Firefox ha messo a disposizione degli utenti l’opzione antitracciamento da oramai diversi anni. Per attivarla è necessario premere sull’icona con tre linee orizzontali presente in alto a destra e poi cliccare su Opzioni. A questo punto si dovrà scegliere la sezione Privacy e fare click sulla voce “gestire le impostazioni relative a Do Not Track”. Apparirà un avviso sullo schermo e si dovrà attivare la funzione spuntando l’opzione “Utilizza sempre Do Not Track”.
  • Come attivare Do not track su Internet Explorer
    Il primo passaggio da fare è premere sull’icona a forma di ingranaggio presente in alto a destra e poi cliccare su Opzioni Internet. Si aprirà una finestra e si dovrà cliccare su Avanzate. A questo punto si dovrà scrollare verso il basso fino a quando non si incontra alla voce “Invia richieste DNT (Do Not Track) ai siti visitati con Internet Explorer”.
  • Come attivare Do not track su Safari
    Dal menu di Safari si dovrà premere su Preferenze e poi cliccare su Privacy. Nella finestra che si aprirà si dovrà mettere la spunta su “Chiedi ai siti web di non tracciarmi”

The User chooses whether enable or disable cookies, using the browser settings following the instructions given. Disabling technical cookies leads to the impossibility for the Users to use correctly the application of the website.

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